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Want to work for Otinga?

Thinking of joining Otinga? Here are some of the things that we are looking for:
  1. Experience is not required to apply to Otinga LLC. The work that will be executed in Otinga is Carpentry, painting, and other sorts of labor for construction. Anyone can apply to work for Otinga, and those with less experience will be guided every step of the way. ​

  2. We are unable to provide transportation services but the best way to arrive at job sites is taking the bus, biking, driving or walking. Otinga executes plans early in the morning, sending off employees in pairs or by themselves. However, in your interview, we may converse and organize a plan in regards to transportation. ​

  3. Otinga is a friendly workplace environment, although we focus primarily on how much work an employee can do. Please fill out this form with your resume, as we do not have any glaring requirements for the specific job that you will be doing, and good luck!


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